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Welcome to the WORLD of ROSSI!


I appreciate you stopping by to check out my website.  It's a fun filled, interactive site, so either click on a link below or click on a tab above to find out more about what I do.  Feel free to reach out to me on the "Contact" page and say hello.



I've hosted shows since 2004 when I got my start on Junkyard Mega Wars.  Since then I've been fortunate enought to host EVERY type of show there is. Over the past 10 years I've honed and crafted my skills and have truly become a people expert.  Click above to learn more.

 I've produced shows, segments, contestants and movies since 2006, but I like to say I've been producing myself since I was born! If you have an idea for a show and you'd like to collaborate...I'd love to hear from you.  Click above for more info.

I've acted in shorts, commercials, and videos, and in 2011 I was fortunate enough to get my first starring role in "Life's an Itch" . Since then, I've been working on my craft in hopes of building my resume to do more in the future.  Click above for more info.

My favorite thing in my career may just be hosting  live events.  There is nothing better than a live audience.  Whether it's 50,000 screaming football fans, a beauty pageant, or a corproate event...I'm your guy.  Click above for more.

Click above to see my body of work.

Click above to see my Bio.


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