• Rossi Morreale

Halloween Wars - Season 5


Well, Season 5 of Halloween Wars just wrapped up this past sunday and it was AWESOME!! I was blessed to get the chance to host this season after Justin Willman moved on to other projects. It was an amazing experience and the teams were absolutely mindblowningly talented. I could not believe the creations that were being made right in front of my eyes. Shinmin LI and Brian Kinney (the judges) were very cool to hang out with and super fun. As well as some of the most dead on judges of any show out there. Shinmin is definitely the best dressed judge and Mr. Kinney has the sweetest stache EVER!!! THe celebrity guest judges (Robin Atkin Downes - The Strain, Benjamin Papac - Walking Dead and Goosebumps, and Bex Taylor-Klaus - Scream) were some of the coolest celebrities i've ever had a chance to meet...and i've met a LOT...but to end with ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark...it just doesn't get any better. Here are some behind the scenes pics and some of my favorite creations. CONGRATULATIONS Scream Team...You guys did amazing. That final challenge was UnReal and I did not envy the judges at ALL!!!

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